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    • Mancozeb
  • Mancozeb

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    Place of Origin: China

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    Content & formulation:    
        Mancozeb 90% TC    
        Mancozeb 80% WP    
        Mancozeb 48%+Metalaxyl 10%WP    
        Mancozeb 64%+Metalaxyl 8% WG    
        Mancozeb 60%+Dimethomorph 9% WP



    Chemical Mancozeb
      Structure Formula   Mancozeb
      Common Name Mancozeb (BSI, E-ISO); mancozèbe ((m) F-ISO); manzeb (JMAF)
      CAS No. 8018-01-7, formerly 8065-67-6
      CAS Name [[1,2-ethanediylbis[carbamodithioato]](2-)]manganese mixture with [[1,2-ethanediylbis[carbamodithioa
      Molecular Formula [C4H6MnN2S4]xZny
      Agrochemical Type Fungicide, polymeric dithiocarbamate
      Mode of Action Fungicide with protective action. Reacts with, and inactivates the sulfhydryl groups of amino acids and enzymes of fungal cells, resulting in disruption of lipid metabolism, respiration and production of ATP.
      Characteristics and Uses Control of many fungal diseases in a wide range of field crops, fruit, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, etc. More frequent uses include control of early and late blights (Phytophthora infestans and Alternaria solani) of potatoes and tomatoes; downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) and black rot (Guignardia bidwellii) of vines; downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis) of cucurbits; scab (Venturia inaequalis) of apple; sigatoka (Mycosphaerella spp.) of banana and melanose (Diaporthe citri) of citrus. Typical application rates are 1500-2000 g/ha. Used for foliar application or as a seed treatment.


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