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China Lambda Cyhalothrin EC, 10% CS , 2.5%EC, 5%EC, traditional insecticides, High quality and effect factory

Lambda Cyhalothrin EC, 10% CS , 2.5%EC, 5%EC, traditional insecticides, High quality and effect

Content & formulation: Lambda-cyhalothrin 95% TC Lambda-cyhalothrin 10% CS Lambda-cyhalothrin 5% EC Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5% EC Chemical Lambda-cyhalothrin Structure Formula Common Name lambda-cyhalothrin (BSI, ... Read More
2016-08-23 14:20:27
China Alpha-cypermethrin 10%EC, 6%SC factory

Alpha-cypermethrin 10%EC, 6%SC

Content & formulation: Alpha-cypermethrin 95% TC Alpha-cypermethrin 10% EC, 6%SC Chemical Alpha-cypermethrin Structure Formula Common Name Alpha-cypermethrin (BSI, draft E-ISO); alpha-cyperméthrine ((f) draft F... Read More
2013-02-11 16:34:31
China Diazinon, 60%EC, 50%EC factory

Diazinon, 60%EC, 50%EC

Chemical Diazinon Structure Formula Common Name Diazinon (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO, ANSI, ESA, BAN, JMAF); dimpylate (INN) CAS No. 333-41-5 CAS Name O,O-diethyl O-[6-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)-4-pyrimidinyl] ... Read More
2013-01-22 16:49:04
China Malathion,  50%EC, 57%EC factory

Malathion, 50%EC, 57%EC

Content & formulation: Malathion 95% TC Malathion 50% EC, 57% EC Chemical Malathion Structure Formula Common Name Malathion (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO, ESA, BAN); maldison (Australia, New Zealand); malathon (JMAF); ... Read More
2013-01-22 16:43:27
China Imidacloprid 70% WS factory

Imidacloprid 70% WS

Two colors can be chosen, Purple and red. Read More
2013-01-17 17:30:25
China Imidacloprid 200G/L SC, 350G/L SC factory

Imidacloprid 200G/L SC, 350G/L SC

Chemical Imidacloprid Structure Formula Common Name imidacloprid (BSI, draft E-ISO); imidaclopride ((m) F-ISO) CAS No. 138261-41-3; 105827-78-9 former number CAS Name 1-[(6-chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl]-N-nitro-2... Read More
2013-01-17 17:21:47
China Cypermethrin TC, 25%EC,10%EC factory

Cypermethrin TC, 25%EC,10%EC

Chemical Cypermethrin Structure Formula Common Name Cypermethrin (BSI, E-ISO, ANSI, BAN); cyperméthrine ((f) F-ISO) CAS No. 52315-07-8 (formerly 69865-47-0, 86752-99-0 and many other numbers) CAS Name Cyano(3... Read More
2013-01-17 14:19:24
China Acetamiprid 20%SP  factory

Acetamiprid 20%SP

1. TYPE OF FORMULATION : Water Soluble Powder (SP) 2. APPEARANCE : Sky-blue coloured powder 3. ACTIVE INGREDIENT a) Chemical name : (E)-N1-[(6-chloro-3-pyridil)methyl]-N2-cyano N1- methylacetamidine b) Common ... Read More
2013-01-10 15:10:12
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